Located on the Western shore of the sea of Galilee, The Scots Hotels is a top-of-the-note luxury hotel, devoted to cater the most demanding clientele.

An atmosphere of calmness, quiet and tranquility; combined with history and mystery wrapped expanses; as well as service of the highest level - makes the Scots Hotel a perfect experience, unique and exceptional, surpassing anything you have ever known.

As initial cooperation assignment, corporell was requested to develop a super-premium guest amenities program, reflecting the history and the wellness benefits available on the premises. We decided to brand the new colection as "LAKEVIEW HERITAGE".

Based on a customized “made-in-England” corporate fragrance,the LAKEVIEW HERITAGE series is planned to be launched by July 2016. It will offer to the Scots Hotel guests, the most pampering experience available!

 The Scots Hotel large