Product Development

In order to develop and formulate your customized products, corporell
offers 5 sectors of proficiency: (1) briefing, (2) design, (3) formulation, (4) packaging and (5) manufacturing.


corporell’s Marketing deportment will take care of the initial development stages of product line briefing and product line positioning, while our permanent marketing brand marketing resources ore carefully updated to monitor market trends. We will also advise, guide and suggest further development steps, according to your expansion strategy.


Graphic design and product packaging are key-components of on effective product line launch and successful sales. corporell will ensure creativity and appropriate visual impact of your products. corporell can satisfy all packaging & design requirements of smaller and larger volume customers, due to in-house 2D & 3D graphic design studio, trained & specialized in Health & Beauty Industry packaging design.


corporell’ cooperating labs can manufacture under the exact customer’s formula specifications, but also develop formulas from scratch, or even customize existing ones to create unique innovative products. Hundreds of ‘In-Stock” formulas are available, but RFPs (Request For Proposals) are also welcomed. In any case, corporell’ tailor-made solutions ore built up to satisfy our customers’ needs.


corporell provides a wide range of stock product in standard unlabelled packaging. However, to achieve o total customized look, our customers can select from an infinite range of packaging components, according to corporell recommendations regarding component restrictions & cosmetic textures compatibility.


Exclusive manufacturing agreements enable corporell to be at top-of-the edge technological & procedural manufacturing processes according to its wide range of demanding customers. Moreover, due to strong consolidation of orders, corporell achieves low manufacturing costs, for our customers to stay highly competitive in their respective targeted markets.