corporell key strategic techniques are respectively (1) signature fragrance, (2) private-label branding and (3) volume consolidation.

signature fragrance

As a strategic branding & differentiation technique, corporell offers to its corporate customers a new & appealing marketing dimension by creating an exclusive olfactive experience. With access to an unlimited range of élite scents, corporell works together with the customer to create unique fragrances for all major personal-care product series but also for ambient use as corporate identity signature.

private-label branding

When strategically aligned with the retailer shopping experience, a private label program can be the retailer’s most powerful marketing tool that help promote a clear brand positioning in the mind of customers. By creating & manufacturing private label products, corporell not only creates a valuable price alternative but also enables retailers gaining the opportunity to reinforce their brand identity while simultaneously boosting bargaining customer loyalty and power towards national brands manufacturers. corporell will simply grow our business by growing yours.

volume consolidation

By consolidating its customers’ manufacturing volumes, corporell enhances its supplier’s performance, its buying capabilities and its overall supply chain performance. By motivating trading partners to closely integrate their business processes and lower their operational costs, corporell offers highly competitive price levels, maximizing its customers’ gross profit margin.