The Ein Gedi Resort is located in the land of Genesis - on the Western shore of the Dead Sea, right in the middle of flowing rivers and green gardens, the magical regions where Abraham, King David and Jesus Christ walked.

The resort' guests enjoy natural springs, a modern spa, a beautiful swimming pool, tours throughout the year, and wild, exotic nature.

The resort combines different room types, including family rooms, mini suites and deluxe rooms. Moreover,the highlight of the establishment is the most luxurious spa in the region.

As initial cooperation assignment, corporell was requested to develop a premium guest amenities program, reflecting the wellness and the benefits available of the premises, mainly derived from Dead sea minerals and the botanical garden adjacent to the hotel. We finally opted for the creation of a new brand for this series: "Botanical Wonders".

Indulgently pefumed with a sweet & herbal top-note fragrance, Botanical Wonders collection is for you. You and Nature, side by side, with no fences. Waiting for you to enjoy!

 Ein Gedi Resort large